Wendell's Welding Services Inc.

More than just welding...

Wendell's Welding Services Inc. is based out of Cowichan Bay, British Columbia and has serviced Western Canada for over 15 years.

Wendell's Welding provides quality professional welding and mechanical installation services to:
WWS Inc. would be pleased to provide you with a quote/estimate on the following:

Typical projects and clients include but are not limited to:

Pulp Mills: upgrades for environmental performance under programs such as the Green Transformation Program, complete stoker pad rebuilds, mechanical repair on mud lime filter drums and piping systems, main hog conveyor system and hot ash conveyors rebuilds or new installations, machine lifting assemblies, rotary kiln repairs

Hydro Stations: new installation of welded material, or glycol cooling systems

Commercial/Industrial Buildings: heating systems and heat exchangers, catwalks, seismic upgrades staircases, lifting structures

Curling/Ice Arenas: cooling systems (welded), seismic upgrade